Directory to Cheap Web Hosting: India?

Today businesses and organizations are getting more modern and more equipped. They do not want to leave any loose end for their rivals. They opt numerous ways to expand their business, and one of the most successful and cheaper ways of business expansion is online marketing. Online marketing is a very good and cheap way of promoting any business or to attract the customers. In India online marketing has already been popular, and people are making use of this incredible tool.



For online marketing of your business or your product, you will need a web hosting company to support your website on their server. Email marketing is hostgator coupon also popular these days for marketing purpose. Email account also needs a web hosting company and therefore it becomes necessary to have a web hosting company, so that you can manage both your website and email on a single server and with low cost.

Web hosting is not the only thing you need for the website or your email. You need a developer for your website to create it, and you will need many other things with it like domain name. All this things comes with many web hosting plans. You can get cheap web hosting India on the Internet with little effort.

If you are also searching for cheap web hosting India, then you must know the cost of web hosting plan depends on several factors.

  1. Size of website: when you are looking for the cost of web hosting plan, then the one thing that affects most is the size of the website. If you need to upload more video and audio files then you will need more disk space and therefore the web hosting plan varies with the disk space, they offer.
  2. Bandwidth: for better business website and for better graphics you will need more bandwidth, and the cost of the web hosting plan varies with a bandwidth too.
  3. Add-ons: the cost of web hosting plan also depends on the additional features it offers. You can get many different features with a single web hosting plan such as more than one domain, unlimited email accounts, spam control, auto responders, etc.

Nothing comes for cheap or free. So don’t get the lure to those marketing strategies. You can get cheap web hosting India only if you make a good estimate of your needs. Just search for the reputed and popular web hosting companies and select the plan, which suits your budget and needs. You can use review websites to compare the features of web hosting plans.

Few of the cheap and best web hosting India companies are listed below, which offers their services for cheaper rates. You can choose among them and can start your online business today.

1) iPage

2) Hostgator

3) Bluehost

4) Fatcow

5) Justhost

6) Host monster

7) Net firms

8) Dotster

9) iPower

10) Dot5hosting


These web hosting companies are some of the best rates web hosting companies. You can compare their plans and make your decision

What’s The Best Coupon From Hostgator?

host gatorIf you are searching for a reliable and affordable web hosting company, there is every chance for you to come across hostgator. Started in 2002 by Brent Oxley in his dorm room, the company today owns seven thousand servers and hosts over eight million domains. The company was relocated to Houston in 2007 and today services clients from more than two hundred countries. One of the reasons why hostgator is a preferred choice among new webmasters is the availability of different plans, which offer further savings through discount coupons.

Best coupon from hostgator

Although, new comers often visit the official website to read about the various plans and understand the guiding terms and conditions, it is recommended to spend some time in researching the other available options. The default discount offered by this service provider offers a twenty percent reduction in the price of the chosen package. In comparison, the best hostgator coupon can provide you with additional discounts, which range from twenty-five percent to thirty percent and some offer a discount of as much as thirty-five percent to the users. You can browse the World Wide Web to find these high discount coupons codes. There are several blogs, review sites, and forums that provide details about these higher discount coupons.

Quick to avail

One of the major reasons why hundreds of users search for hostgator discounts on the Internet is the simple and quick manner in which the discount can be availed. Users must visit the home page and enter the code after choosing the appropriate hosting plan. You will need to provide some basic information along with the coupon code to ensure you receive the available benefits. Before making the payment, you must validate the code and ensure the discount is rightly applied prior to completing the transaction. Users can opt from different payment options, which include credit or debit card payments or paying through their PayPal accounts.

Huge savings

When you use the best coupon from hostgator (currently thirty-five percent off), you will be able to enjoy discounted costs. A comparison between the default discount of twenty percent and thirty-five percent shows that users can avail hosting for as low as one hundred eighty-six dollars for a three-year subscription to the baby plan. This means you can enjoy the high quality and reliable services offered by hostgator for an extremely affordable cost, which does not cause any financial difficulties for the users.

Available for all plans

Many people have a common question if these codes are applicable to all the services offered by the company. Users can rest assured that this thirty-five percent discount is available for all kinds of plans, which include reseller, VPS, baby, business, and hatchling. This site provides some of the best coupon code for this service provider and users are advised to avail the codes through this resource if they want to enjoy huge savings on the hosting costs. To know more and to avail the codes, you can check out this link.

Who Is The Best Web Hosting Provider?

The best web hosting provider is that company which gives you value for your money and quality services. Even though most web hosting companies will always promise you the best of services, not all of them will deliver the promise. Therefore, you have to consider these options when looking for the best service provider:


Reliability and Uptime: You must always ensure that the hosting company has an uptime of 99.5% because any less of this amount would mean that your web services and company will be in jeopardy. The best company will also ensure that you get all the assistance when it comes to network failure. When you get such services it means the host is reliable and can also be trusted.

Support: The best web hosting provider is that company which is always with you all the time and ensuring that you are satisfied with the services all the time. Once you have your site hosted you will always need technical and customer support for the smooth running of the site. The best companies are reachable all the time through online chat, email and phone with some even allowing ticketing system. Such means of communication ensure that they respond quickly to your questions so the support has to be there 24/7.

Server Location: This will determine the speed and accessibility of your website. The best web hosting company is that which ensures that you can always access your website easily. The company should let you know where the physical location of the server is. When the site server is located near your country then it means that you will access the site faster and easier. Your visitors will then have a pleasant browsing experience.

Data Measure: When it comes to data size you will need a lot of it because at some point your business venture will grow and need more storage space. The best web hosting provider is the company that which not only has good space for your site but also has backup storage facilities which will be of great importance, so that when your data is lost you will have a good way of retrieving them. Your activities online will therefore not be affected much.

Agility: This basically means flexibility. For a start you might just need a simple site because that’s what will match your needs and financial capability. However, as time goes by, you will grow and your company will have to provide you with upgrades. The best web hosting provider will then give you more email account, good disc space and more bandwidth.

Payment Policies: When it comes to pay a lot of issues might come up or go amiss. The best company will never ask you to pay for like an entire year of advancement services. You will only pay for what you get. The provider also has to assure you of money back guarantee just in case they don’t deliver as per your standards. There always has to be an obligation for you because you are the client.

Don’t Look for a Free Web Hosting Site

The allure of a free web hosting site is usually there. Given, there are instances where a free web hosting site would work. When starting a blog for instance, one can consider it. In other instances, though, free web hosting is not always suitable. There are a few reasons why this is.

Reasons to avoid free web hosting

Advertisements on websites can get very annoying. Most free web hosting sites will come with that; adverts and pop ups. This can be disadvantageous for a website. When people are looking through a site, they want specific information. The pop ups and adverts only get in the way. This is what a webmaster tries to avoid. Some adverts are not very good for your site.

Another thing that should discourage you from seeking out free web hosting is the technical support. There are some websites that advise the user in advance that there won’t be technical support provided. This is a big disadvantage because you don’t know when one might need help. Installations are usually pretty straight forward and one may not need any sort of specific skills to pull it off. However, some things may come that the user can’t deal with, like a site going down. These instances are what technical support is meant for. The user has to be able to get the help they need so they can keep using the site.


A free web hosting site may not allow any scripts. This can be an inconvenience, especially when the scripts play an important part in the website. When a site is restricted in terms of what scripts are allowed or not, it messes with the integrity of the site.

Domain registration is also another very important part of web hosting. A free web hosting site will not provide for direct registration of domains. A user can continue with domains that had been previously registered.

The legitimacy of a free web hosting site has been often in question. People hear about free web hosting and they don’t have that much trust in the site. The credibility of the whole website would be questioned. This is something that people try to avoid at all costs. Even if the free web hosting gives a certain site online exposure, it may not do much else.

Not all that

A free web hosting site may not provide all the design options that a website requires. A good website is about the visuals. Even when it’s simple, it still needs to be attractive. The uniqueness of a website goes a long way. For this, the creator needs designs that are unique and attractive. A website needs designs that give a website a statement of their own. A website is an extension of the image portrayed by an individual, company or organization. With limited design functions, it wouldn’t be possible to do all that.

A free web hosting site does not offer as much security as needed. Of course there is the basic security but some sites need more than that.  Free web hosting may not be in a position to provide the best technology in website security. This is a risk that one should not take especially with sensitive information.

You Don’t Need Special Web Hosting For Joomla

Do you know why Joomla is used and like by many? Well, let us get down and find out the answers just through this short article. Web hosting is a common thing that everybody is doing in the present days. An Even ordinary person is capable of web hosting only if offered with the best knowledge as well as some technical help. Web hosting Joomla among the content management methods that are just the easiest to apply. In the first step, it would be good if you make a decision to using the CMS. If you are an advanced user already, a web designer or developer, perhaps, using this system would just be very simple for you to enjoy. Nonetheless, if you one of those people who are at the beginner rank, still you can easily use this system as an expert.


This is an open CMS source and it is supported by a huge community. It is available in a lot of versions. All it needs you to do is to go though the user manual and in just a few of minutes it would be possible to create a full-working website. In order for one to create a Joomla site, you must first make an account with the help of Joomla hosting. After you have created your account, you can willingly install it with one click. If you are well-versed with its system and this means that you can already make a site of your own needs or if you are within an expert’s rank, you can make website for different clients. It would be very easy for the clients maintain the website because it requires very minimal instructions. This has a number of extensions, so it can be not that tough for clients, even those who have a minimal or no background at all on how to use this system, to take control of their websites.


You do not have to worry as if or not you will have what it needs to maintain this Joomla-based site.  This is because all you understand is; it would be trouble-free to maintain the site.  Joomla is supported by 200,000 contributors and above all, over the globe. It has a number of support methods, thereby; it would not that complicated to sustain the website. This content management system was started in 2000 and to the present, it still continues to be a benefit to a number of users.


If you are very new users, it is recommended that you make a choice to start with the very basic package. However, for those who are capable at it and even for the big companies, it is a nice option to go beyond you will get when you are suing the basic package. This CMS is completely powerful and can contain many add-ons for the website. This is versatile and can be easily supported by anyone else since it’s in a PHP coding. You can visit Web hosting joomla website at any you if you need to know more